Appeals, complaints & disputes


The OIML-CS is provided with an independent Board of Appeal


Information on the Board of Appeal and how to submit an appeal or a complaint and the resolution of disputes under the OIML-CS is provided below.

The Board of Appeal undertakes two primary functions:

a) it manages appeals against decisions of the OIML-CS Management Committee relating to
        i. participation in the OIML-CS, and
        ii. Legal Metrology Experts and Management System Experts;

b) it recommends solutions to any dispute referred to it with regard to the application of the rules of the OIML-CS.

The Board of Appeal (BoA) constitution is as follows:

BOA Chairperson:
- Dr. Roman Schwartz (CIML President)

BoA members:
- Mrs Mairead Buckley (CIML Member, Ireland)
- Dr. Toshiyuki Takatsuji (CIML Member, Japan)
- Vacancy
- Vacancy



Decisions made by the OIML-CS Management Committee, e.g. the refusal of a potential new OIML Issuing Authority, can be appealed to the BoA. Clauses 8 and 9 of OIML-CS Procedural Document PD-01 describe how to make an appeal and the operating rules for the Board of Appeal respectively.



A complaint may be submitted to the Executive Secretary with documented and substantiated evidence that an OIML type evaluation report was issued by an OIML Issuing Authority on the basis of incorrect technical conclusions or procedures. Information on how the complaint will be handled is provided in clause 6 of OIML-CS Procedural Document PD-01.



The Executive Secretary may be contacted in the event of a dispute initiated by

a) an applicant for OIML type evaluation regarding an OIML type evaluation report, or

b) an OIML Issuing Authority, Utilizer or Associate regarding the incorrect application of the operational procedures of the OIML-CS.

Information on how the dispute will be handled is provided in clause 7 of OIML-CS Procedural Document PD-01.



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