Submitting an article


There are no hard and fast rules for submitting an article for possible publication in the OIML Bulletin, but the guidelines on this page serve to provide an indication of the optimal format and the elements to provide.

The OIML Bulletin is the Quarterly Journal of the Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale. It is a forum for the publication of technical papers and diverse articles addressing metrological advances in trade, health, the environment and safety – fields in which the credibility of measurement remains a challenging priority.

The Editors of the Bulletin encourage the submission of articles covering topics such as national, regional and international activities in legal metrology and related fields, evaluation procedures, accreditation and certification, and measuring techniques and instrumentation.

Details on how to submit an article


Intention deadline

Wherever possible, an author's intention to contribute an article for potential inclusion in the OIML Bulletin should be communicated to the Editor three months in advance of the Bulletin publication date (e.g. beginning of April for inclusion in the July edition, etc.). If in doubt as to the suitability of the subject matter, authors are invited to submit an Abstract and the Editor will reply with an indication of acceptance, rejection, or a request for more information.


Submission deadline

At the latest, authors are requested to submit their manuscripts (see below for technical guidelines) one month in advance of the Bulletin publication date (e.g. beginning of June for inclusion in the July edition, etc.).



There are no absolute article length recommendations (or restrictions), as the OIML Bulletin is now a digital-only publication, so there is no minimum or maximum word count. A reasonable length to maintain readers' interest is advised.



The longer the article, the better it is to include a number of illustrations, as this breaks up the page and readers can see the format of the article at a glance. Any images or graphs may be embedded in the Word document to show where they should appear, but should also please be sent to the Editor as separate image files (any format or resolution) if possible.


Document format

The text should be provided in MS Word (any version). Please do not submit articles in LaTeX format.

It is not necessary to format the article into multiple columns and this will be done by the Editor at the layout stage (using Quark Xpress).


Please use A4 page size, single column, normal margins, [black Times New Roman size 11 pt justified], single interline.

For headings, please use [black Times New Roman size 14 pt left-aligned] with 12 pt before and 6 pt after. Word's automatic numbering may be used.

Please use 6 pt spacing between paragraphs and sections and not empty carriage returns, as these have to be deleted prior to the file being imported into the Quark Xpress layout package.

Please choose either UK or US English spelling and use the chosen type consistently throughout the article.


Editorial suggestions by the BIML

The BIML Technical Staff and the Editor will review in detail the technical, linguistic and grammatical content of articles submitted and reserve the right to make corrections or suggestions, which will be marked up in the Word file submitted by the author and emailed back to the author for consideration.

Once the final text is agreed, the Editor will proceed with the layout of the article and will submit up to three final proofs for consideration by the author prior to publication.


More information

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor of the OIML Bulletin.