CIML Members are the main permanent contact of the OIML in the Member States

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The International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML) is the functional decision-making body of the Organization.

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CIML Members (one per Member State) are designated by their government.

They are in principle officials in the department concerned with measuring instruments, or have active official functions in the field of legal metrology.

The CIML Members are the main permanent contact of the OIML in the Member States. They have a double role:

  • they represent their country on the Committee, and
  • they represent the OIML in their country.

Corresponding Members may attend Committee Meetings as observers, and Organizations in liaison may be invited to attend as observers.

Decisions of the Committee


The Committee meets annually. Its typical decisions are:

  • approval of the OIML Strategy and of the annual BIML work plan,
  • approval of the financial reports submitted by the BIML Director,
  • appointment of the BIML Director and Assistant Directors,
  • adoption of various internal regulations, procedures, etc.,
  • approval of changes to the OIML's technical work program, and
  • adoption of OIML Recommendations, Documents, other publications, etc.

For Committee decisions to be valid, the following voting rules apply:

  • each Member State has one vote,
  • proxies may be given (but not more than two proxies can be given to one Member),
  • quorum: the number of Member States present or represented must be at least three-quarters of the total number of Member States,
  • votes cast (other than abstentions) by at least four-fifths of the number of CIML Members present or represented, and
  • majority: the decision must be approved by at least four-fifths of the number of votes cast.