RLMO RT 2022-09-27



The 2022 meeting of the Regional Legal Metrology Organisation Round Table (RLMO RT)
will take took place online on Tuesday, 27 September 2022 from 10:00–14:00 UTC.


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V3 - 2022-09-22


1. Welcome by the RLMO RT Chairperson (Dr. Charles Ehrlich)

2. Roll call

3. Update from the Round Table Chairperson

4. Updates from the RLMOs

   - SIM (Ms Sandra Rodríguez)
   - GULFMET (Eng. Amina Al Bastaki
   - COOMET (Dr. Valery Hurevich)
   - APLMF (Dr. Osman Zakaria)
   - AFRIMETS (Mr. Jaco Marneweck)
   - WELMEC (Dr. Pavel Klenovský)

5. Open Forum on the 2022 RLMO discussion topics (‘Digitalization’ and ‘Smart Meters’)

6. Coordination/Planning of OIML Bulletin Issue for April 2023 on RLMOs and Prepackaged Products

7. Update on the CEEMS AG (Mr. Peter Mason)

8. Update on the OIML-CS (Mr. Mannie Panesar/Mr. Paul Dixon)

9. Business meeting to address other ongoing RLMO and relevant OIML matters

  1. Decision to hold either one or two Interim RT Meetings per year?;
  2. Have talks on specialty topics at 2023 Interim RT Meeting(s)?;
  3. Open Forum Discussion Topic(s) for 2023?;
  4. Key 2022 CIML Meeting Topics (e.g., OIML B 12 revision);
  5. Any change in view about making relationship between RLMOs and OIML more formal?;
  6. Updates on PG Workspace(s) and OIML Web Site for RLMO RT;
  7. Follow-up interactions with EURAMET?;
  8. E-learning progress/initiatives?;
  9. How to better engage CEEMS countries/economies in the RT?;
  10. Other?

10. Future collaborations

11. Conclusions

12. Any other business


List of RLMOs

  • AFRIMETS (Intra-Africa Metrology System)
  • APLMF (Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum)
  • COOMET (Euro-Asian Cooperation of National Metrological Institutions)
  • GULFMET (Gulf Association for Metrology)
  • SIM (The Inter-American Metrology System)
  • WELMEC (European Cooperation in Legal Metrology)


Guest Organization

  • SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)


2022 RLMO discussion topics

  • How is your RLMO approaching ‘digitalization’ pertaining to measuring instruments in your region?
  • How is your RLMO approaching the regulation of smart meters in your region?