Documents and forms

Application forms
OIML Issuing Authority Application Form
Test Laboratory Application Form
Capability Annexes (to accompany Test Laboratory Applications):
R 46:2012 - R 49:2006 - R 49:2013 - R 51:2006 -
R 60:2000 - R 60:2017 - R 61:2004 - R 61:2017 -
R 76:1992 - R 76:2006 - R 85:2008 - R 137:2012
Utilizer Application Form
Associate Application Form
Additional National Requirements Form (for use by Utilizers and Associates)
Legal Metrology Expert Application Form
Management System Expert Application Form



Governance documents
OIML B 18:2018 Framework for the OIML Certification System (OIML-CS)
Operational Document OD-01 (Edition 3) Management Committee
Operational Document OD-02 (Edition 2) Test Laboratories Forum
Procedural Document PD-01 (Edition 2) Appeals, Resolution of Complaints and Disputes
Procedural Document PD-02 (Edition 2) Approval of Legal Metrology Experts and Management System Experts
Procedural Document PD-03 (Edition 2) Application and approval of OIML Issuing Authorities, Utilizers and Associates
Procedural Document PD-04 (Edition 2) Assessment and approval of Test Laboratories
Procedural Document PD-05 (Edition 3) Processing an OIML type evaluation report and OIML certificate
Procedural Document PD-06 (Edition 3) Use of OIML type evaluation reports and OIML certificates
Procedural Document PD-07 (Edition 3) Transition Arrangements under the OIML-CS
Procedural Document PD-08 (Edition 2) Signing the OIML-CS Declaration
Clarifications and Interpretations Document CID-01 (Edition 3)



Translated documents
Chinese translations of OIML B 18, Operational Documents, and Procedural Documents



OIML Issuing Authority Peer Assessment Report
Test Laboratory Peer Assessment Report (ISO/IEC 17025:2017)
OIML certificate template
Annex to an OIML Certificate of Conformity (for Basic and MAA certificates only)
OIML Issuing Authority Declaration template
Utilizer Declaration template
Associate Declaration template



OIML-UNIDO Guidance Document on the OIML-CS (English version)
OIML-UNIDO Guidance Document on the OIML-CS (Spanish version)
Guidance Note GN-01 OIML certificate number



Process to become an OIML IA and TL
OIML Issuing Authority Documentation
Test Laboratory Documentation
Process to become a Utilizer
Process to become an Associate



Joint Assessment Procedures
Joint ILAC-OIML Assessment Procedure (for accreditation assessments of Test Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025))
Joint IAF-OIML Assessment Procedure (for accreditation assessments of OIML Issuing Authorities (ISO/IEC 17065))



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